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#Wokeness Had To Die For #CancelCulture To Progress

Wokeness used to mean staying sharp, raising voices against injustice, and being careful, from its humble beginnings, in 2014. Over the years, being “woke” has become an integral part of popular culture and slang, with its consequences affecting celebrities, influencers, politicians, establishments, and even the general public, in some cases.

Unfortunately, now it has deadass become a scale of measurement to evaluate actions. One toe out of line, and people come in hoards branding their invisible pitchforks, calling to “cancel” the entity responsible. Hiding insults behind a thinly-veiled excuse of freedom of speech, social media has become overrun with constant hate and people, with even an iota of following, walking on eggshells.

The Perils of Cancel and Woke Culture

The origin of wokeness may have been used to call out deeply ingrained injustices in our society, but now it is actively used by news reporters and users on social media to condemn public figures or attempt to “cancel” them. Reverberations of this movement can be seen in The Ellen Show shutting down or Kendall Jenner being heavily criticized for her insensitive ad with Pepsi.

Some are of the opinion that the uneven cycles of the twin of woke culture – cancel culture is quite vicious and toxic. While it may prompt the public figure, being canceled, to publicly address the deeds and apologize, what good is it if the actions do not follow the words? Many view a mere apology as damage control, fake PR stunt, and overall, a bullshit attempt to hold on to their previous glory.

While the concept has its heart in the right place, it has started to become a phenomenon to boycott anyone who has a different opinion or unintentionally commits an error. Behind closed doors, if the public figures do not think that they did anything wrong or just get more cautious about covering things up, it defeats the entire purpose of the movement.

Is a mere hashtag, post, or story enough for important movements like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, decriminalization, and justice reform?

The Silver Lining Around Cancel and Woke Culture

At its core, woke culture seeks to educate people, boost accountability for entities that were otherwise considered as untouchable, and topple a world structure made out of centuries of injustice and oppression. And it has led to many people undertaking efforts to be more educated towards their peers and more vocal when it comes to raising their voices against wrongdoings.

When it comes to paying attention to social issues, it is easier to spread awareness, sign petitions, join and organize protests, make donations, meaning that people are more active now than ever. The shift of power and accountability is a welcome one, but many still remain skeptical. Just merely making a statement and speaking on it on social media does not cut it if you are not willing to put the work in for an actual change.

However, there is more to life than social media, and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. The fact remains that social media is only one side of the story, whereas there are many layers involved.

Effects Of Social Media

If you scroll through a popular figure’s Instagram page and check the comments underneath posts, it is a common sight to see people dredging up the past, pointing every single thing done wrong, and fighting anyone who says otherwise.

For an unbiased person, reading these comments unconsciously affects their judgment, regardless if these claims have actually been proven, ever been addressed by the figure, what their actions have been, or the backstory. It has lead to a significant rise in anxiety, depression, and in some cases, suicide.

There is a reason why social media has become increasingly negative, with many sticking to only promoting their brand or work. While initially hailed as revolutionary, it is being used to spin narratives, which may have several facets hidden and not be the complete truth. Things are not how they seem on the networking sites.

At the end of the day, what you choose to believe is up to you. However, WokeSheep implores you to fact-check everything you hear without forming a judgment immediately. Having an open mind really puts you in a different league and allows you the ability to perceive things in an unbiased light.

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